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Bill Glidden, a.k.a. "Leatherman," Proprietor of Double Branch Saddlery, became interested in the cowboy genre in 1966 at Universal Studios in California when he worked on the TV show The Virginian.  He has worked as actor, stunt rider coordinator and consultant for numerous films since those early days of the great westerns.   He got his start building period saddles 13 years ago when he began renting horses and providing period military saddles to the officers who command the armies at major Civil War reenactments.



Deborah Glidden began riding sidesaddle after spending many years portraying a 19th century civilian as a amateur historian of the Civil War period.  The sidesaddle she is riding is one that she and Bill rebuilt.  Besides helping with the saddlery, she teaches and lectures on the fine art of riding aside in the 19th century manner.   It took a year of research to perfect her riding habit.

 "Morning Graze."  Double Branch Saddlery is co-located at Bill & Deborah's Fiddler's Green Horse Farm outside Columbia, Tennessee.  This picture, taken from their shop at the farm, captures the peace and serenity of early dawn as three of their 12 horses graze in the morning dew.  These horses are used for riding lessons, trail rides, reenacting and pulling carriages, but more importantly they are a continual source of enjoyment to watch.

Enjoy photos of product field testing and action shots by clicking on pictures below


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Product Testing

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Action Shots



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